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Atlanta, GA’s Premier Pole Tent Rental Team

Rent a Traditional Pole Tent for Your Special Event

There is no tent more iconic than the pole tent. Supported by a trademark center pole, the pole tent is not only sturdy and spacious — it’s also got a unique interior atmosphere that makes it excellent for events ranging from fairs to formal dances. Here at Tents Unlimited, we proudly carry a large selection of high-quality pole tents in a number of sizes available for rental in the greater Atlanta, GA metro area. Read on to learn more about the many unique features and benefits of pole tents below, and rent yours from our team today!

High peak tent

About Pole Tents

With unmistakable interiors and exteriors, traditional pole tents create remarkable atmospheres perfect for weddings, trade shows or galas. The unique shape of a pole tent is created due to its unique structure and installation process. Traditional pole tents are installed using a center and side poles throughout the structure with tie downs extending out from the tent for additional support. Traditional pole type tents provide a more covered area for less money than any other type of tent. This makes the traditional pole tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently. Pole tents also come with a host of other unique benefits, which we’ve outlined in the section below.

Tent with poles

Benefits of Traditional Pole Tents

Aside from their affordability, structural soundness, and ability to cover wide areas, pole tents come with another excellent benefit worth mentioning (again): their atmosphere. The conical ceiling created by pole tents’ center poles an exterior supports contributes to a unique and mesmerizing structure that is considered by many to be the most elegant in the tent industry. These high ceilings also present excellent opportunities for creative lighting displays, which can complement anything from carnival attractions to classy ballroom affairs. Read on for a quick list of pole tents’ many benefits.

  • Flexible installations
  • A variety of color options
  • Extremely versatile
  • Available in larger sizes
  • Lower cost option

Features of Traditional Pole Tents

Offering space and flexibility, traditional pole tents are often used for weddings, trade shows, galas, parties, golf events, festivals and more. Available in solid and striped color options, these tents can be decorated to complement any event occasion. For those considering pole tents for their next event, it is worth mentioning that these tents must be staked into the grass — they are thus unable to be used in all-concrete or asphalt environments such as parking lots.

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