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Clearspan Tents in Atlanta, GA

Rent a Clearspan Tent for Your Special Event

If you are looking for a spacious and sturdy tent for your next event, consider a Clearspan tent from our tent rental team here at Tents Unlimited. Clearspan tents get their name from their absence of center poles — a design that gives them spacious interiors with elegant views great for large gatherings such as banquets, balls, and receptions. Their structural sturdiness also makes them great for long-term applications where a temporary building may be needed. Read on to learn more about the many design features and benefits of Clearspan tents, and rent yours at an affordable price from our trusted Atlanta, GA tent suppliers today!

Clearspan tent with flatware and glassware

What Are Clearspan Tents?

Clearspan tents are incredibly strong and resilient tents with open, unobstructed views created due to the absence of center poles. The ultimate in design flexibility, these tents provide a well-secured environment for short and long-term installations. Clearspan tents are assembled with box beam aluminum frame structures making them incredibly strong. The absence of center poles creates an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allows for maximum use of interior space.

Benefits of Clearspan Tents

Clearspan tents are excellent options for any event that needs both structural sturdiness and wide open interior spaces. These tents’ spaciousness, taller eave heights, and lack of center poles give them several advantages over other types of tents for events that require large, unobstructed viewing space (such as talks or award ceremonies). Their enclosed-frame design and tracked walls also give them superior resilience against inclement weather such as wind and rain. This makes them an excellent choice for long-term applications. In fact, Clearspan tents are often referred to as temporary buildings rather than simple event tents because of their resilience, spaciousness, and overall sturdiness.


Clearspan tent

Below, we compiled a quick short list of some of the many benefits of Clearspan tents.

  • Incredibly strong and resilient
  • Unobstructed views (no center pole)
  • Less staking
  • Superior enclosure system
  • Ideal for long-term installations

Applications for Clearspan Tents

One of the biggest advantages of Clearspan tents is their overall versatility. They can serve a number of purposes and can also be customized with different exteriors to meet your needs. Here at Tents Unlimited, we offer Clearspan tents (including jumbo structures) that can be installed with glass or hard sides and white or clear tops. They handle adverse weather well and are excellent for long-term placements. Clearspan Tents are perfect for weddings, luncheons, festivals, concerts, presentation and commercial spaces, long-term storage facilities and classrooms.

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