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Do You Need Disaster Relief Shelter in Atlanta?

When disaster strikes or hardships occur, you need a resource you can trust and depend on for support. While the majority of our business is facilitating life’s joyous occasions, there are times when our services are needed for more serious matters. For over 25 years, Tents Unlimited has been working to support those in GA, area. This is our home, as well, and we are honored to be able to do what we can to help support our community.

Temporary housing

We Offer Many Emergency Shelters

At Tents Unlimited, we offer a variety of tents suitable for an emergency situation. Offering both compact tents and large shelters with peaked roofing, we can facilitate a wide variety of needs. Our tents are sturdy, strong, and resilient, able to stand up to the elements and provide temperature regulation and relief. Our award-winning tent installation personnel have the skills and experience that you can rely on to ensure that your emergency shelter is erected swiftly and efficiently.

Our standard frame tent excels in overall functionality and comes in a variety of sizes suitable to fit any situation. Frame tents can be installed and taken down relatively quickly; they are ideal for both long-term and short-term relief and are able to be put up and taken down relatively quickly. Frame tents provide a good alternative to standard pole tents, useful for when staking area is limited.

Like our frame tents, our Clearspan tents are designed with stability and resilience in mind. The ultimate in design flexibility, these tents provide a well-secured environment for short- and long-term installations. To support large relief efforts, we offer our twin pole and high-peak frame tents. Both are available in larger sizes and offer a more spacious interior and higher ceilings.

Assisting with Disaster Relief Since 1992

Since our foundation in 1992, Tents Unlimited has been doing what we can to help support our community and its people. We understand how hard it can be when disaster strikes, and that’s why we do everything we can to help provide you with the support, shelter, and helping hands you need when an emergency situation occurs.

We are honored to offer relief assistance in providing for temporary workstations, shelters, and offices to service and relief organizations and our nation’s military. For more information on how Tents Unlimited can aid your relief efforts, please contact us directly at 770-919-9090 or send an email inquiry through the contact form. Emergency relief is a community effort, and as a community business, we are here to do our part.

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