High-Peak Frame Tent Rentals in Atlanta, GA — Rent Your High-Peak Tent Here!

When you need a tent with the structural characteristics of a traditional frame tent but the height of a pole tent, you need a high-peak frame tent. Here at Tents Unlimited, we proudly carry high-quality high-peak frame tents available for rent in the great Atlanta, GA region. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of these spacious and sturdy tents, and order yours by calling our team at (888) 843-8449 today!

About High-Peak Frame Tents

High-peak frame tents are designed with high ceilings to create an elegant and spacious interior setting ideal for a number of different events. Like traditional frame tents, high-peak frame tents do not have a center pole for support and thus provide both high ceilings and unobstructed views for those inside. Available with single, double or multiple peaks, these tents provide a dramatic and glamorous feel to any occasion. Those looking for unparalleled structural reliability in their tents will be happy to know that high-peak frame tents offer the same functionality and unobstructed views as their normal-height cousins, plus a more contemporary look. Learn more about the many benefits of high-peak frame tents below.

Benefits of High-Peak Frame Tents

When compared with other tents, high-peak frame tents have one clear advantage: their height. A tent's height is important for several reasons — and typically, the taller the tent, the better. Not only does a taller tent allow for taller objects to setup within the tent itself, more height also creates a majestic ambiance and a feeling of spaciousness for those inside. This can go a long way in events of all kinds, including weddings, receptions, banquets, carnivals and more. Read on for a quick list of the many benefits of high-peak frame tents.

  • Unobstructed views (no center pole)
  • Less staking
  • Noticeable high peak exterior profile
  • More spacious interior
  • Higher ceilings

Take Your Next Event to New Heights

While many event planners want tall tents for their events, they may be looking for something other than a pole tent to achieve their desired look. In these cases, high-peak frame tents are the clear choice. High-peak frame tents are designed in the same way as traditional frame tents, which means they do not have a center pole. For you, this means that you get the height without obstructing your sight. If pole tents aren't your thing and you need a tall tent, high-peak frame tents are the way to go.

Interested in renting a high-peak frame tent for your next event? Contact our Atlanta, GA tent rental team at (888) 843-8449 today!